Day 2 at granma and grampa’s house

Terry and I had planned to build a sandbox for Leeya and Judah. They love to dig but our dirt is so terrible and not conducive for play. Or growing much , either.

The sandbox never appeared so Friday, when they immediately got their shovels and buckets, we knew we were desperate to provide something. Terry headed to OSH on Saturday to buy 100 pounds of sand. We put it in our old wheelbarrow and parked the ‘sandbox’ under the patio. It’s worked pretty well. They have played for hours out there. We have to go inside when it gets too hot.


8 responses to “Day 2 at granma and grampa’s house

  1. Good thinking! Looks like they’re having plenty of fun. 🙂

  2. Sandboxes without covers have served kitties well. Whatever you do cover the sand at night.

    • Terry remembered in the middle of the night and got up to cover it. He said, though, that it wasn’t a problem because they had so many sand toys piled in on top of it that it would have been impossible to get to the sand.

  3. what fun! and sweet grandkids!

  4. Beautiful solution! Lol.

  5. You have invented the rolling sandbox. Patent it! Sweet kids.

  6. Great solution. 🙂

  7. Brilliant idea. Can tip it out when they go home. Enjoy!

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