The end of week 2

The grandkids are on their way home to their parents. Our house is quiet. Terry and I are just vegging, watching taped tv programs, catching up on newspapers, checking emails and blogs. Laundry is running. Life is very calm at this point as we are too tired to do much.

The second week went quickly as we would leave our house before 9 each morning so as to be up the hill for Leeya’s swim lesson at 10. After the swim session, we would go over to Nana’s house for lunch and playtime. Our son-in-law’s mother (Nana) arranged for the swim lessons at her home association’s pool.

By the time we got back home each day, the kids were pretty tired. Cartoons and then dinner were the main activities a couple of days when the heat was so oppressive we couldn’t go outside to play.

Fortunately this morning was so cool and lovely that the kids got to play for an hour before we headed for the last swim class. Neither of them wanted to call it quits and leave our house. But leave we did, with the car packed with suitcases. Nana would be driving them home after the swim lesson. For which we are grateful.


3 responses to “The end of week 2

  1. I’ll bet it’s nice to have a break although they are sweet grandkids.

  2. It sounds like it was a wonderful time on both sides. They will have memories they will never forget, and you get to rest up! 🙂

  3. Nice to have some quiet time, too, after having the grandkids over.

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