Sultry summer Sunday

It rained for about 30 seconds Saturday night. Not enough to really count but enough to make it even more humid.

So how did I spend a lazy, hot Sunday? By running the oven at 400 degrees. How else?! First I made eggplant ‘bacon.’


Not bad. Terry, who hates eggplant, even liked it. You can find a number of recipes for the stuff on Google. I saw it used in a dish on Williams & Sonoma’s Instagram so I got curious. Just halcyon try one of those recipes.

After cleaning all the glass surfaces in this house, I decided to use the last of the summer’s apricots for another pie which again heated up the oven.


Fortunately, we have doggy bags from last night’s Chinese dinner so no more cooking for me today. We will watch more taped tv programs tonight and lay out plans for the next week as we get back to our routine. I have quite a few activities already on the calendar.


5 responses to “Sultry summer Sunday

  1. I’ll have to look up that eggplant “bacon” recipe. It’s rather interesting to think about what seasonings you used. And I love that pie! Makes me hungry just to think about a piece of it. 🙂

  2. Eggplant bacon?!? Sounds awesome

  3. The eggplant “bacon” sounds great, since I no longer eat red meat.

    Have you had kale chips? They are delicious, and so much healthier than regular potato chips.

    (I agree. Great writers shudder in fright over reading their stuff to real people. It’s weird. I’ve seen it over and over as well.)

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