The continuing saga of California’s drought

Although Governor Brown demanded a 20 percent decrease in water usage, most of California has done very little to conserve water.

Fresno somehow managed to decrease its usage by 25 percent, but that’s still not enough to stem the diminishing of the aquifer that we rely on so heavily for our pumped water supply.

Therefore, our watering days are being cut from three to two beginning August 1. Fines and penalties will be levied against those who insist on using water in wasteful ways.

Our yard refuses to grow flowers so we have hardy shrubs and trees in the front and back yards that should be okay in the short term. The front lawn will probably not do too well. There is no lawn in the backyard to even consider.

There is still optimism that next winter will be a rainy one. I’m not so sure. The world is being turned upside-down. God is in charge and He reminds us of that fact when He withholds water or sends it in an overabundance. We have no say in the matter except to give thanks each day for His blessings. Too many have forgotten to say ‘thank you.’



3 responses to “The continuing saga of California’s drought

  1. It’s getting very scary out there, with water so scarce. I read that neighbors are beginning to turn in each other for wasteful water usage. I think it’s about time. Sorry for your drought, for sure.

  2. I plant hardy flowers native to my area, so I hardly ever water them. Mind you, we’ve been having lots of rain here. Sorry to hear about your drought.

  3. I can only hope that the rich and famous folk in California, so often in the media to promote environmental causes, are actually doing something (not topping off the pool?) besides talking about it!

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