Give me a cucumber and I’ll make pickles

Or, in this case, two cucumbers.

I had sterilized jars left over from yesterday’s chile sauce making so sliced the cucumbers, boiled the brine, packed the jars, and voila, pickles.



4 responses to “Give me a cucumber and I’ll make pickles

  1. easy when you know how, I don’t!

    • Christine, I had never done any canning, preserving, or pickling until last summer. It really is pretty easy, but, and this is a big but, it’s time consuming. That chili sauce took over 3 hours to make. The pickles, maybe 20 minutes. It would have been less had I sliced the cukes with the food processor but I hand cut them.

  2. I like the crispy Dill pickles.

    • Although these are quite crispy, they are sweet pickles. White wine vinegar, sugar, pickling spices. Perhaps if I get dill and cucumbers in my csa box at the same time I would try my hand at dill pickles.

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