New shoes

Wearing cheap, flat shoes may have lead to my Achilles heel problem. I love shoes and have always had lots of them. When I was teaching I bought expensive, well-made shoes. In the last few years I have been buying cute flats at PayLess Shoe Source. Those cute flats may have lead to my pain.

While shopping last week I came across some shoes I had seen advertised but could not locate in town at that time. Sketchers told me the shoes weren’t being carried by any local stores. But here they were at Kohl’s. They run very small so it took awhile to find a pair that fit. Kohl’s is a self-serve store and I had to go through many boxes to find what I wanted.

I’m quite pleased with these.



14 responses to “New shoes

  1. I love Sketchers and there are several stores here in San antonio. They usually have buy one pair get one 1/2 off sales. Love the pink color!

    • We have a Sketchers store in Fresno but the company told me it’s an outlet store (Ive’ never been in it) and that it does not carry the newest styles. I guess Kohl’s carries the brand, but the service at Kohl’s is lousy. I like to have my shoes brought to me and fitted. I am very spoiled when it comes to shopping. I am not a self-serve kind of gal.

  2. Try or zappos. Free shipping in both directions if they don’t fit. Good prices too.

  3. Try or zappos. Free shipping in both directions if they don’t fit. Good prices too.

    • The only shoes I order online are from Talbots because I trust their fit and style. However, those are over $100 a pair. I was loving my $16 flats. They just didn’t love my feet.

  4. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gone from a closet full of shoes to about a dozen pairs for warm weather and a dozen for cool weather. If you buy quality they’ll last a long time. And feel better, too 🙂

    • The majority of my shoes are really good ones from my teaching days, especially the winter shoes. However, the six or so pair of cheap flats are the ones I’ve been wearing the majority of the time the last few months. I’m going back to my sturdier teacher shoes once the weather turns cool.

  5. I also like SAS shoes, which seem to be good on my feet. What Achilles problem? I don’t remember hearing about it.

    • About 3 weeks ago, when I had to wear the boot, was when the problem was diagnosed. The heel is much improved and now I’m just trying to figure out ways to keep it from happening again. The podiatrist said I was doing too much, but I think it was a mix of doing too much in lousy shoes. I walk a lot.

  6. They look great. And which ones did you discard to replace these? I’m also guilty of shopping at Payless after owning expensive shoes.

    • I had already thrown out the purple Converse shoes that I think exacerbated my heel problem. I’m thinking of throwing out a few more of those cheap shoes, though, so I’m not tempted to put them back on my feet.

  7. I love the color and it looks very comfortable. Slip ons are so convenient!

  8. I agree the Achilles’ tendon is irritated by cheap shoes. I need some new shoes too!

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