Class of 2027

Our small granddaughter marched off to Kindergarten this morning.  She is attending a year-round school and it begins now. She will have three weeks off in October, at Christmas/New Year’s, and again in April. Her school year will end late in June. This schedule works perfectly for her mother whose busy times are in the summer and around the Christmas holidays. They will be able to take a family vacation in October and probably right after Christmas. The kids will be able to come stay with us at times that aren’t so blasted hot.

Speaking of weather, we had a thunder storm here overnight with some rain so it’s muggy and hot. Almost 100 degrees at lunch time. However, our kids live in a much cooler clime so Leeya went off to school this morning wearing a jacket.

When Jennifer posted Leeya’s first day of school picture, she pointed out that Leeya is the class of 2027. I will be 74 when that day comes.  More motivation to keep healthy.


6 responses to “Class of 2027

  1. I heard a news story about your area’s weather. They said you rarely get thunderstorms. Is that true?

    • Very true, winter or summer, but especially summer. The heat has been building up with lots of thunderheads over the Sierras. Last night it all broke lose with lots of lightening and thunder for about 4 hours, which is an unusually long time for a summer storm. Usually it’s more like half hour and it’s over. The grape growers will have to sulphur the vines to keep mildew from the grapes.

  2. glad you have some rain, even if it’s in thunderstorm format. Year round school…that is different.

  3. Yes, more reason to stay healthy, all right. I just finished reading “What Makes Olga Run” about how a 90-something woman can teach us how to do just that. I’m almost 72 myself and still going strong. 🙂

  4. I had no idea, before I began reading your blog, that the temps could be so hot in CA in summer.

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