A respite from the heat

and a birthday celebration…

Terry and I took off midweek to spend time in the Bay Area. We stopped at Stanford University, at the Cantor Art Center, to see an exhibit of Carleton Watkins photos. Watkins photographed Yosemite and the photos were sent back to Washington D.C. which lead to the founding of the National Parks. Watkins’ business was in San Francisco, on Montgomery Street, and after viewing some of the photos he had done of home interiors in the 1880s, I had to wonder if M. Theo Kearney had hired him to do the photos of Kearney Mansion and surrounding areas of Fresno as the style was much the same. I checked with the museum director while still in the Art Center, but she said there is no name on the photos and no record of who took them.

We spent time at Stanford Shopping Center after lunching at Max’s Opera Cafe and before heading on to see our grandchildren. That evening was spent at San Mateo’s Central Park at the weekly Concert in the Park. Our daughter was away at a youth camp with kids from her church so we missed seeing her but we had a great time with Leeya, Judah, and Chad.

The next day Terry and I got to escort Leeya to her new kindergarten class and see her new school. It’s a delightful neighborhood school, just not in our kids’ neighborhood, but clear across town. San Mateo does their school allotment in a very strange way. Most of the students do not go to neighborhood schools. Leeya does get to attend school with a girl from her preschool class, though, so that’s a nice benefit.

We took BART into San Francisco and spent most of the day in and around our old stomping ground. Had a delicious BLT from Prather Ranch Meat Company where I used to buy bacon ends to put in my beans when we lived just around the corner from the Ferry Building. They had cooked up the bacon ends, sliced heirloom tomatoes, slathered an aoli on a soft bun, and topped it with Romaine lettuce. And they threw in a pickle spear. Washed down by a birch beer.

Since it was my birthday, and a rather important one, I stopped on the way back into San Mateo at Draeger’s Market and bought a delicious lemon cake to share with my grandchildren. They don’t usually get butter cream frosting.

It was a great time had by all, especially the birthday girl who got to spend the day in her favorite city with her favorite husband, and to have cake with her favorite grandchildren.


3 responses to “A respite from the heat

  1. Happy Birthday Delaine!

  2. Happy birthday! It sounds like a perfect day to me. I love these “special” birthdays, making another trip around the sun. 🙂

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