Sorrowful Sunday evening

Facebook can bring good news, silly news, and help keep us up to date on our friends. This Sunday evening, cooler than the previous days, brought sad news. A friend of mine whom I originally met on Compuserve long ago in the 1990s posted an update to her health and it is very bad news. She has been hospitalized for a month.

We had all hoped she would be stabilized and could carry out her plans to move from a third-floor walkup apartment to an assisted living facility. It did not happen. The dialysis that she required took one bad turn after another. Then came today’s news–stage 4 lung cancer. To top that, she has no where to go. Due to health constraints, she can no longer manage the stairs at her apartment. I’m sure there are complications to moving to assisted living places. She writes that she had wondered how her life would end and now she knows. It made me cry.


5 responses to “Sorrowful Sunday evening

  1. This is sad news, I hope she will be able to cope until the end.

  2. That is very sad news indeed. I’m so sorry she has nowhere to go. I wish there was somebody who could help her through this. 😦

    • I believe the problem in finding a place to be the intensive health care she will need in addition to her inability to maneuver for herself. Not only does she now have the cancer diagnosis, but has been a diabetic for many years and that is the reason for dialysis.

  3. That’s too bad. My heart goes out to her.

  4. Oh this is sad news. We are looking at the same options. More difficult if there is only one of you.

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