Eating well

It’s that time of the year-an abundance of produce both in our csa box and at the farmer’s markets. We are eating well. From a plethora of choices.

Like today–I fried an eggplant we got in yesterday’s csa box.


Then I sliced tomatoes from the farmer’s market and made blts. We had grapes and strawberries for dessert, courtesy of the farmer’s market.

Life is very good. And soon it’s going to get very busy. My calendar for August is rapidly filling. School starts in two weeks and it looks like I will be taking on a new adventure this year. Actually two new adventures. I am writing blog posts for the historical society and I have gone through a lengthy process to become a school chaplain.

As these two adventures take shape, I will keep you informed. For right now, we are enjoying the bounty of the land.


8 responses to “Eating well

  1. Oooooo, new adventures! Can’t wait to hear all about them! That eggplants looks delicious :-).

  2. It’s a wonderful time of year, isn’t it? I also look forward to hearing about your new adventures. 🙂

  3. That eggplant looks yummy! I will be interested in your new adventures!

  4. your summer’s going really well!

  5. I could eat that stack of eggplant slices in one sitting. Absolutely my favorite vegetable.

    • I have an elderly friend who is laid up at home with a foot wound. I took the eggplant slices with sauce and mozzarella cheese to her. Otherwise, I would be the one eating all of those slices b/c Terry does not like eggplant.

  6. Great good luck in your new adventures!

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