Crabby morning

I am crabby this morning. Once again, my local paper, which I subscribe to online, will not load. The Fresno Bee is not the greatest paper to begin with, but it has all the local news, the local obituaries, and two pages of comics. Over the years they have retired or fired all of the editors so it’s often riddled with errors. I attempt to disregard those.

I quit getting the paper version delivered when we went to San Francisco as it was a nuisance to put a hold on the paper and then restart it (which the paper’s customer service could never seem to get right). The online version, for which one must pay a subscription,  looks just like the paper version. It is handled by a company called OLive Software. It should all work seamlessly. Today, when I attempt to connect, I am told I must sign in, and when I do, I am told I must subscribe. We renewed and paid for a year’s subscription in June. Hellooooo.

I would really like to like OLive, but I find it hard to do so. The paper often will not load properly, and I have contacted both The Fresno Bee and OLive to no avail. The customer service lady at The Bee doesn’t have much of an answer as to when the problem will be fixed, and OLive just completely ignores me.

So, I sit here, no newspaper to read. And lousy customer service. It all makes me crabby.


8 responses to “Crabby morning

  1. Latest news…Obama finally did something in Iraq. Thank goodness. I have the BBC App on my phone.

    • I’m glad for twitter to keep me apprised of national and worldly news (for which The Bee is not all that good), but I miss my local stuff. Guess it’s just a habit I’ve formed over the last 50 odd years that I’ve been reading the paper.

  2. I hear you loud and clear. When I lived in Boulder, I subscribed to the marginal local newspaper to get the local news, but half the time it would not be delivered on time and I would have to leave for work without my morning fix. I will NOT pay for the online subscription for the rag that passes as the paper in my new home town, Bellingham. I read it at the coffee shop instead. It’s so short that it only takes a few minutes to read. Sigh. I’d be crabby, too. 🙂

    • I have made three phone calls this morning while dealing with this. And still no solution. That marginal paper has trouble communicating with its various entities. Nothing is done in-house any more so I just keep being sent in circles, with each phone person not wanting to take responsibility. Terry pays for this service so I am turning it over to him now. I have become even more crabby.

  3. I’d be crabby, too.

  4. I still have a paper subscription. And a free digital one that I use less often.

  5. I can easily relate. I use two different browsers because recently my newspaper stopped loading properly on Internet Explorer. It works fine when I use the Chrome browser. The newspaper is pretty much clueless when it comes to addressing the issue. It was working fine on Internet Explorer until they made recent changes to the on-line system so it seems obvious to me at least what caused the issue. Didn’t stop them from raising my subscription cost over 50% last month however. 😕

  6. We do get the paper newspaper which Art really prefers. When the kids were here, it was funny to see us at the breakfast table. Art would be seated with his paper and the rest of the crew would be scanning their iPad news.
    I was looking at the comics this morning and saw something about being crabby. I asked Art where you supposed that term came from. Why is being grumpy, being crabby? Hmmmm….

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