Writing is on the back burner this week

There is so much going on around here this week that the writing, both this blog and my other pursuits, are being put on the back burner. So, what’s on the front burner? Food! I am cooking lots this week so as to share with some friends (carmel popcorn) and to provide some meals for a disabled friend who is waiting for a hip replacement and is unable to stand very long to prepare food. 

On Tuesday Terry and I were up very early so as to go to a health assessment at 7 am. We had picked the earliest time available as we both had other things to do that day and we would be fasting for a blood test. This assessment is part of the health plan provided by that large school district for whom I worked all those years. Just as I retired, the district set up this benefit for employees to have their health assessed and to provide interventions like exercise classes and nutrition classes. It was not offered to retirees. I was bummed. Four years later, I receive a letter from the district telling me that they will extend this program to retirees and that I can start with the health assessment. The first appointments were this week so Terry and I signed up. We were also given $25 gift cards as an incentive to do so.

Of course, Terry flew through his assessment because he has no body fat and his weight and blood pressure are fabulous. I, on the other hand, took more time as my body mass is too much for my height and my blood pressure has recently been elevated. That had been noted when I was at the doctor’s office for my Achilles tendon problem. The doctor figured it was elevated due to the pain I had in the heel. Although not as high yesterday as a few weeks ago, it was still elevated–130/80. So, I got more of a lecture about diet and exercise (all things I know). There will be follow up sessions. I am looking forward to this program as I really am concerned about my health and well-being. What I don’t understand is this: Terry eats pretty much the same as I do only larger quantities and more meats and dairy. He does no exercise and sits almost all day whereas I have my exercise routine every morning and I spend more time up and moving. 

This afternoon I am delivering school supplies to a teacher at that big inner city high school where I taught all those years. This will help her get some of her students supplied for back-to-school. I’m also delivering the carmel corn to a few teachers with whom I worked. I will drop off the meals (rigatoni, beerocks, peach pie) to my disabled friend. Thursday I will go downtown to the police department for training for the school chaplaincy position. Perhaps on Friday I can do more writing. 


8 responses to “Writing is on the back burner this week

  1. My son is just like your husband! He can eat all day long and anything he wants and the doctor wants him to gain weight! I watch him eat and I gain weight. I don’t even have to eat to put on the pounds! Totally unfair.

  2. I know all about how life will make your blog go to the back burner. You are doing so many helpful, wonderful things. As everybody told me, readers won’t go away. They’ll be there when you get back.

  3. I enjoy your posts so I hope you find time to write.

  4. you are busy as usual Delaine!

    • I like to stay busy at my own pace. When I was teaching, I was busy, but it was almost manic. I just never got a chance to stop and relax until school was out for Christmas or summer. And the summers just kept getting shorter. When i started teaching, we got 13 weeks away. This year, they got 10 weeks, and that’s if they didn’t teach or go to summer school.

  5. The difference is that he is a man and you are a woman. It’s always been that way: they can eat and not gain, and we eat and gain. And we both have just one mouth! 🙂

  6. Gosh, sure do wish I lived near you! Good for you – sharing the bounty is what life’s all about, yes?

    • I think if you lived here, we would be very good friends. Are you on Facebook? Maybe we can be long-distance friends. I have quite a few of those.

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