Health assessment colors

I received the results to that health assessment Terry and I did last week, you know, the one where I got held back so they could tell me I needed to lose weight and exercise more. And Terry got dismissed quickly as his body mass index was so amazingly low that he impressed the whole staff. Hah!

The report comes in colors: green, yellow, red. Sort of like a traffic light. I received, wait for it….GREEN! The report said: 

Good work! This color indicates that you are in the highest category for health and health behaviors. However, we all know we are not perfect, and you likely have personal goals for your health and wellness. Work with your individual consultant to identify those areas of improvements and bask in the glory of knowing that you are on your way to a very healthy lifestyle!

This came about due to the blood work which measures cholesterol, blood sugar, and something called Apo, all of which were good numbers. My bad areas are LPA, again which I don’t know what that is but the report says it can affect my heart and is inherited, and my body mass index which is 30 percent over what it should be. Again, diet and exercise. 

I was walking every day back in June but when my heel started hurting, I quit and have not restarted. It has been really hot, too, so I’ve also used that as my excuse. One good thing I do is to park far away from the store and walk. I also take the stairs when they are available. 

Oh, and Terry’s assessment: YELLOW! 


6 responses to “Health assessment colors

  1. I wonder if this assessment adjusts for age? My bone density scan in May (physical) indicated I had the bones of a 25-year old. Good thing as I have a new titanium knee. Most frequent question asked in the hospital…do you have osteoporosis or osteopenia.

    BTW. On losing weight…20% exercise, 80% what you eat. If you are serious…try weight watchers…it has worked for me! Also housework counts as exercise.

  2. For me, the best way to lose weight is to record everything I eat. These days there are a lot of apps for that! Since you’re already “green,” it should be just a matter of figuring out how to get started, and then go slow and easy. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Too funny that your written assessment came out better than your husband’s! Just goes to show that first impressions can be misleading.

  4. isn’t that ironic for Terry…yellow. But your heel probs may improve if you do lose weight Delaine.

  5. Congrats on the good test results. Keep going!

  6. Yellow? Sigh… I know I’d probably be yellow too. My blood work would not turn out as well as yours.

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