Early mornings

It’s been a week of early mornings. Which I really don’t mind, too much. I would prefer my usual wake-up time at 6 or so, but I can handle a few days of 5 am.

Terry had presentations to make a couple of mornings so I got up with him to be able to head out the door to do some shopping one morning (I really like to be there when the stores open) and another morning to attend a Bible study at the church I’ve been attending this summer. I thought I would dip my foot a little further into the pond to see if I liked it. I did. Really super people and a good study, too. My brain doesn’t function well after 4 pm. so I cannot attend small groups and Bible studies that are held in the evenings.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue going to the morning class, though, because I will have another early morning assignment soon and it may be the same day.

When I pulled out of the garage at 6:30 am. yesterday it felt like those mornings when I was heading out early for a department chair’s meeting. This time it was for a breakfast meeting for the school chaplaincy program. I got to meet all of the other chaplains and really clicked with one particular lady. She’s 80 years old and working in a tough, inner-city school. This will be her second year there, and last year her students got the highest score on the post test that was given in May to see what they had learned. I am already scheduled to observe her.

I now have my school assignment, a school in the very heart of downtown Fresno, one of the oldest elementary schools in the city. There are five (FIVE!) first grade classes with whom I will do a half hour lesson each week, reading a book and asking questions. With that many classes, I may have to schedule two days a week to get it all in and do it well. Tuesdays are already taken with my Good News Club work.

After the early morning chaplain’s breakfast I zipped through traffic to a rally to kick off the new school year for Good News Club. There were about 150 us cheering for one another and another successful year. One of my team members isn’t returning as she has a new job so another lady’s husband is going to fill in for awhile. We are praying for more workers. Same thing for the chaplaincy program. Although more schools are requesting chaplains, there aren’t enough people offering to sign up.

This morning, Friday, we are up at 5 am. again. We had promised ourselves to sleep in, but Terry has jury duty and he is finally required, after calling each day this week, to show up at the courthouse on FRIDAY. I got up to do laundry and then get go out to order my chaplain’s shirt at a store downtown that supplies the police department with their uniforms. The store opens at 9. I’m having lunch later with a good friend, so another busy day. Maybe tomorrow we’ll sleep in until 6.


8 responses to “Early mornings

  1. You certainly have lots of energy. I get up around six most mornings, and get a few things done before the heat rises. I also go to bed early. Following Ben Franklin’s old adage…early to bed, early to rise. Still waiting for the results, ha ha.

  2. I go to bed early and try to get 5-6 hours sleep. You seem to enjoy your life so keep going.

  3. I wish I could get up early. Probably the fact that I’m constantly up in the night with a child has something to do with it…

  4. It would be sleeping in for me to get up at 6:00am. I go to bed early and get up at 5:00 without an alarm. Once I slept until 5:30! Your days sound full and very productive. I look forward to hearing what you learn this year from those first graders. 🙂

    • I had to get up every school morning at 5, or earlier on department chair meeting mornings. That was one reason I was anxious to retire. I was tired of getting up in the dark! And in the winter, it is so cold here in the mornings. Makes it very hard to get out of bed. I really like to get up when the sun comes up, which right now is after 6.

  5. I kind of like early mornings but when it’s my choice!

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