summer is waning

If today was a summer peach, I would pick it and preserve it in a jar to enjoy on a cold, gloomy day in January when I am tired of winter. Of course, if this winter is anything like last year’s I won’t have to complain about gloomy. With no rain, we have no fog.

The light has certainly shifted, telling me summer is on its way out. This was my breakfast scene this morning:



After breakfast I moved into the living room to dust the furniture (hated chore) and found Calico Cat enjoying the morning light:


The days are much shorter with the sun now rising after me. I’m turning on the lamps before bedtime. I will miss the long days filled with sunshine, but not the heat. Today is so cool that I still have the windows open at 11 am. Amazing.


6 responses to “summer is waning

  1. What lovely pictures. I am enjoying the slant of the sunlight right now, but as the days and weeks pass, that will change, until we begin to watch the light almost go out before beginning its return journey. The cycle of the seasons. It’s wonderful. 🙂

  2. I’ve noticed the days are getting shorter, too.

  3. welcome fall I guess!

  4. It is still very hot and sunny here in Hawaii.
    I like the art on your walls.

  5. Nope still hot and sticky here. I like the art too.

  6. It’s hot and sticky here in Hawaii too. I’m waiting for trade winds. It’s hard to believe that summer is ending when it’s still August. Sigh. Is it coming sooner this year? Many bloggers are writing about it. In Illinois, I thought it was more like mid to late September before we got the real fall feeling.

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