To the beach

School is back in session. The summer is waning. Tourist season is in its last throes as we head towards Labor Day. With all that, Terry and I decided on a quick beach trip to Santa Cruz.

It’s cooler in Santa Cruz. It’s a change of scenery. The people- watching at The Boardwalk is a great diversion to whatever is on one’s mind

Because of my Best Western Diamond Elite status, I took advantage of a low-cost place a mile and a half from the beach rather than our favored hotel right on the beach. I’m still contemplating the savings over the convenience and beauty. We walked to and from the Boardwalk, walked out on the wharf, and walked back to the hotel. About 6 miles. My feet hurt.

I did get to see some huge hibiscus as we made our way though residential streets on the way to the beach.




This is the view of The Boardwalk from the Santa Cruz wharf.


6 responses to “To the beach

  1. Never been to Santa Cruz, although we did live upstate long, long ago when my husband was in the army. I’m impressed at your ambition! 6 miles!

  2. That is a huge hibiscus flower, all right. Six miles begins to feel easy if you do it more often. But the right shoes make a big difference, too. 🙂

  3. beautiful hibiscus, and a lovely getaway!

  4. I visited Santa Cruz a couple of times during 1968. My uncle was a dentist there.

  5. These days I go for convenience. A six mile walk would do me in. Funny because I used to walk and walk and walk.

  6. I’ve heard that Santa Cruz is beautiful, but we’ve never been there. I’m so glad you had such a nice time. That’s a gorgeous hibiscus.

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