Back at it

After our quick trip to the beach, we are back at our so-called routine. I say so-called because every day seems to call for a different schedule. Terry had to get back and edit photographs he had taken earlier in the week at a non-profit’s breakfast. He got a few delivered today, got his hair cut, and then came home and vacuumed the house.

In the meantime, I had to get some groceries (there’s nothing to eat), and make a trip to Target (we are out of toothpaste). In between those errands I was texting with a local radio personality to meet so as to do a recording for a show he will present next week about our city’s downtown mall which will celebrate 50 years next month. He wanted to talk to people who were around when the mall was built. That would be me. We decided on a time to meet and I took off for downtown right after I finished the Target shopping trip. It was fun to reminisce about what I remembered from my childhood. We also discussed the current state of the mall and the plans to tear it out and put the street back.

After I got home I started the first of three loads of laundry while I prepped for a new recipe–Greek lasagna. I found the recipe on a blog, but I don’t remember whose. I had to make a vegetable sauce (garlic, onion, carrots, celery, red pepper, and tomatoes). The recipe called for ziti pasta. I used rigatoni. After the sauce and pasta are cooked, the second sauce is made–a creamy cheese sauce that includes eggs and is poured over the top. The three parts are layered into a pan and baked for 45 minutes. Fortunately, Terry finished the vacuuming in time to take care of the last load of laundry as I was up to my eyeballs in pasta prep.

We were both pleased with the Greek lasagna. Although the recipe had called for ground beef (have no idea how you would fit it in the pan), I just used the vegetables. The recipe, although I halved it, made a full pan and we will have leftovers for a few days. I’m thinking it may taste even better when reheated.


8 responses to “Back at it

  1. Now that’s a busy schedule. That lasagne sounds delicious to me, and I’m not even hungry! 🙂

    • The lasagna is very good, but it takes too much time and too many pans. I’m not sure I would make it again unless I needed to take a dish somewhere to share or if we were having company for dinner. The halved recipe makes a 9×13 pan and it took the food processor, two pots, and two bowls to make. Sure glad I have a dishwasher.

  2. this sounds so good!

  3. Our Target contains fresh and frozen food so we do most of our grocery and other shopping there. That lasagna sounds delicious.

    • I am pleased that Target carries more food items. I’ve always bought a few things there, but when they remodeled the stores, they added a large food section that helps stretch the food budget. Not only are the prices lower, but with my Target Red Card, I get an additional 5% off. They don’t carry much in the way of organics, but I buy some staples like brown sugar, Best Foods mayonnaise, frozen orange juice, peanut butter, popcorn, and tuna for the cats.

  4. I like to cook something and have leftovers for a few days. Makes life a bit easier. Laughed that T finished vacuuming and you were up to your eyeballs in pasta prep. Can see you covered in sauce.

  5. The Greek Lasagna sounds incredible! Sometimes it’s an adventure to get back into a routine, yes?

  6. I really admire how you’re able to take a recipe and make it work so well. I just don’t have that talent. Your lasagne sounds fabulous!

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