Happy New Year

No, I’ve not gone bonkers in my old age…for decades now, September has meant the beginning of a new year. One would think it had to do with teaching at that inner city high school as the new school year usually begins in September. Not so much any more, though, as school has already been in session here for two weeks, with Labor Day being a nice break after a laborious start.

No, I go back to September beginning the new year to when I was working in the cottonseed industry. Our new crop year always began September 1. New contracts were written. The new seed crop started arriving in September as the cotton picking began shortly after Labor Day. As Terry and I drove across the valley floor last week, we noticed the bolls were breaking open and picking will begin shortly. The almond harvest is in full throttle, and with an ever increasing number of orchards to meet the ever increasing demand for almonds, the air is very dirty as these nuts are shaken from their trees and then scooped up from the orchard floor. The cotton picking will just add to the air pollution.

There seems to be a plethora of articles lately decrying the use of electronic devices. There are those who seem to think we will be returning to the age of typewriters if one just holds out long enough and does not buy into this generation of electronics and Internet use. I am baffled by this. I love all of my devices. I love being connected 24/7. I love sharing my life in pictures and words online.

I keep thinking how different my life would have been if all of this gadgetry and technology had been around when I was going to school or working. Even my teaching, which was done with computers, would be different today with what is available. We are living in a marvelous time and to even consider giving up any part of what I use now is anathema. 

Terry recently bought a new laptop, a smaller, lighter-weight one as the behemoth he bought when we lived in San Francisco has begun to fail. He also got a tablet. Many days he will use the old laptop for photo editing (it has a huge screen), his new laptop for Internet, and his iPhone for emails and online newsletters. I find it quite humorous and wonder how we lived before all the gadgetry. Then I remember: we subscribed to 5-10 magazines, 2 newspapers, and we watched news shows on television. Terry also listened to the radio every day. I received letters and cards from various friends and family. Okay, that’s the one area I really miss. The cards and letters. I refuse to send greetings via Facebook, preferring to send a real card. I want to receive cards, too, But, that’s just not happening. Even in the new year.


9 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, Delaine. Can you find me on Facebook and friend me? I’m DJan Stewart in Bellingham, WA. I cannot find you.

  2. I hope the almond crop does well. Reading about the drought in CA has nut consumers worried.

  3. good point about sept being the real new year

  4. It is the beginning of the year in my mind also. I spent too many years in the education business to not be on a school schedule.
    Like you, I love the connections that are afforded me because of technology. I do think I am glad I did school the old fashioned way with a pen and paper and my old typewriter. I’m glad I didn’t have the distraction of social media. I also am very grateful I have all those handwritten letters.

  5. For many years I sent all my nieces and nephews a physical birthday card. However, in the last few years five of the six moved, and didn’t provide me a new address. Guess they didn’t enjoy getting the card as much as I thought they did.

    • That address thing holds me back many times from sending a card. People move and no longer send those change of address cards like we used to. We have a whole new generation out there doing things their own way.

  6. Funny, I just wrote a post on how tonight is like another New Year’s Eve to me :-). I call it, “New School Year’s Eve.”

    I too love my gadgets and love being connected! I do miss cards and letters… I wrote letters incessantly when I was a kid and teen.

    Happy New Year to you!

  7. I used to be a pen pal with girls whose names I got from the newspaper when I was in elementary school. Now, I use email. Lol.

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