The Saturday the world went away

Our neighborhood is usually quiet. A few cars. The neighbors coming and going. Someone walking. Yardwork being done. Maybe a delivery truck That’s about it. But today, the first Saturday of September, nothing. No one. No cars. No people. No lawn care. Didn’t even hear the mail carrier come by but when I went out to the box, there was the mail. The heat was nearly suffocating at that point. Close to 3 in the afternoon and 100 degrees. Where had everyone gone? Maybe somewhere cool?

I worked in the yards this morning but heard and saw no one. Usually someone is pruning a tree on the next street, or charging by on their motorcycle. The neighbors clean their pool on Saturday mornings. But not today. The lady behind us usually does laundry and I can hear the dryer turning. Maybe she decided to hang the clothes today, it’s so hot, they would quickly dry. Children’s voices often float through the neighborhood but I heard nothing but silence this morning.

A car was abandoned on our street this past week. It appears to have been in some sort of accident. Rear tire bent, driver’s side scraped. I called the city police and they checked the license plate number. Not stolen. Then I called the parking patrol. They came and checked it, ticketed it, left it sitting there. It’s a fairly new Nissan Altima. Doesn’t make much sense why someone would just walk away from it.

A city vehicle was out earlier in the week for the neighbor at the corner. It appeared that the driver was turning the water off at the curb to the house. They didn’t pay their water bill?  The house has been neglected since it was purchased from the original owners about four years ago.

All of these events make me wonder. What’s going on? Has the world disappeared and I’m left here in my very quiet house in a very silent neighborhood?  Oh, wait, Terry is still here.


12 responses to “The Saturday the world went away

  1. Are they predicting any weather changes in your area as a result of the hurricane–or is it tracking in a different direction?

  2. some mysterious happenings there!

  3. Time to call the grandkids and invite them over. It will be noisy for sure.

    • I had sort of hoped that our grandson could have come this weekend as there was a large truck show in town and Judah loves trucks. However, our kids are very busy, it’s a 3 hour trip, more with small children, and the heat is more than they can handle. We will be going to their house in a few weeks.

  4. Our neighborhood is very quiet, except on Sunday mornings when the idiot neighbor mows his yard with his broken down gas guzzling mower. It stops, he kicks it. Goes inside, his wife(the harridan) sends him back outside, he kicks the mower, it starts, he runs it 10 minutes, it stops, etc.,etc.

    His yard is the same size as ours…small. Eighty-five year old David uses a push mower on our lawn. The folks with the larger yard use an electric mower. What an idiot is our noisy neighbor!

    • Terry uses an electric mower for our yard. The house next to us has a gardening service that arrives on Fridays with an army of men who make so much noise but it goes quickly with all of the personnel.

  5. We too are quiet today. The appalling heat of the incoming hurricane has sent us indoors to the new AC. We can hear nothing from the great outdoors.

  6. I was appreciating the lack of sound while I sat on top of Winchester Mountain today. Our world is indeed usually very noisy. It would have made me a bit uncomfortable, too. 🙂

    • Sunday continued to be quiet but there was more traffic on the street. I think the heat and the variety of local activities may have something to do with it. People are gone or they are inside.

  7. Since we lived in the city for so long, we’re always on high alert when mysterious happenings come to our neighborhood. Hope you get an answer soon!

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