Playing with a new app

I take a lot of photos, and for the last few months I have really been using Instagram more and more. Recently, though, I found a new app, Steller. I’ve actually shared it with some teacher friends as I think it would be a superb app for students to use. If I was still teaching, I would use this app.

Here is a Steller “book” I put together real quick (like 5 minutes) called BRICK.

A second one is called DAHLIA.

If you have a smartphone, and you love to take photos on your smartphone, you might just like to play with this app. It is free. Free is always good.


4 responses to “Playing with a new app

  1. Please drop a response to me regarding Fresno circa 1970+. Saw your note on Ronni Bennett’s page regarding Seniors. regards – Jim

  2. one of these days I’ll get into apps, still have to upgrade to an iphone.

  3. Awesome and another toy. And I was concerned I might become bored in retirement.

    • I have never been bored in my whole life. Even growing up in the middle of nowhere, with no other kids around, I found something to do. Lonely? Maybe, but never bored.

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