Beautifully unproductive

In the early spring I sowed a variety of seeds with hopes of growing some produce. Should have known better. I can grow shrubs and trees, but nothing that flowers.

Sure enough, pretty much all the seeds failed to sprout. Three tomato plants survived the transplant and have grown quite large over this hot, hot summer. They even survived with no water for 1 week in July while we were in the Bay Area.

However, the plants have produced NO tomatoes. It is depressing. As you can see, the plants are beautiful, but totally useless.


Unless some miracle occurs in the next two weeks and some of the blossoms actually make a tomato, I’m pulling them out and tossing them as we will again be gone and they won’t get watered.


11 responses to “Beautifully unproductive

  1. It must have something to do with climate change. I swear that all of my friends have failed with their tomatoes this year. I just try to keep a couple of geraniums alive here.

  2. maybe you need more sunshine. I’ve never had luck with strawberries.

  3. Tomato plants love heat, but you have too much shade for them I fear.

  4. Do you have bees? They are also an important part of the equation of getting lots of blossoms and fruits. Anyway, there’s always next year. 🙂

  5. Tomatoes don’t set fruit if the day and/or night temperatures are too high (your problem) or too low. Leave the plants for now and see how they do when it cools off a little. See

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