Let there be light

The days are getting shorter. It’s very evident in the mornings when I get up and find it still too dark to open the living room drapes. My initial reaction, after turning off the house alarm and night light, is to throw open the drapes and let in the morning light, but the last few mornings have been too dark. Instead of sunlight, all I see is a black square. Sigh. I draw the drapes closed and go off to feed the cats.

I love light. Even in the winter, when our days can be gray, I open the drapes in every room and turn on every available light until the rooms all shine with light. It depresses me to go into someone’s home and find the drapes and blinds closed. Same thing with the Sunday School rooms where I taught those many years. It seemed that I was the only one to open the blinds. Let there be light.

My poor geranium, sitting on the front porch all summer, may have gotten too much light and heat. Someone told me I couldn’t kill a geranium. I’ve come close. It made my heart glad to see some new flowers blooming among all those crispy leaves.



9 responses to “Let there be light

  1. I know you can kill a geranium, I’ve done it. I’ve got one with its fall blooms coming on, much smaller than the ones in the spring. I see the light going away, too, on this first day of fall. I hear you! 🙂

  2. The geranium says…all things in moderation. My geraniums are very scraggly and we had a cooler summer here.

  3. I really love the light too, it makes me happy.

  4. The past few mornings I’ve had to turn on the kitchen light when I eat breakfast. By 7:00, though, there’s enough natural light that I can turn the fixture off. For now.

  5. I love the natural light also. My house has a front porch and back porch and the awning block a lot of the light. Lots of paneling inside which makes it quite dark. I don’t have coverings on the windows in hope of bringing the outdoors in. Helps but I turn on the lights – bright – as the dark tint can be a tad depressing. Works.

  6. So I moved my geraniums down into the shade by the wall. They just got stringy. 🙂 Yes, dark in the mornings, but both G and I have our sunlight lamps on near our computers.

  7. Dkzody…thanks for stopping by my Elegant Blessings blog. It has been a treat looking though your posts and photos here. I lived in Calistoga (Napa Valley) for a few years back in the 70’s and moved up to Arcata and lived there for quite some time. Loved it. A whole different world from Fresno… Looking forward to getting to know you better! (Annie)

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