Sunday and church

The weeks are flying by and here it is, not only Sunday again, but the last Sunday in September. In two days we will officially begin the holiday season-HalloThanksMas.

Since April I have been attending a Presbyterian church on most Sundays and for the last two months I’ve also been attending the Bible study there on Wednesday. Never thought this born and raised Baptist girl would drop her Baptist heritage but it has happened and I am quite happy.

I had almost decided I was too old for the new-wave Christianity. Then in early spring I attended a chamber group’s afternoon musical at the Presbyterian church. The church had pews, an organ, and still looked like a traditional church. A few weeks later I saw an ad in the Senior Living section of the newspaper for the same Presbyterian church’s Sunday service. I attended and was hooked.

I leave church every Sunday now floating on air. The congregants are gracious. The music is peaceful and doesn’t rattle my bones. We sing hymns with a choir and an organ. The 20 minute sermon has a real message that doesn’t get lost in a lot of rhetoric. There is plenty of time to pray.

The Baptist girl has found her place with the Presbyterians.


4 responses to “Sunday and church

  1. That’s wonderful, Delaine. Finding a place that fits is crucial. And I’m so happy that you have found a place like this one. 🙂

  2. So glad you found a place! I know how difficult that can be.

  3. well it’s great you have found a church you like now.

  4. That’s terrific! I’m so glad you’ve found a place that gives you what you need, Delaine.

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