Torrential downpour

No, not really, but one would think that was what we got if you read the local Facebook posts on Sunday. It sprinkled early Sunday morning and again Sunday evening, leaving the downtown area with a few puddles. This picture was in Monday’s Fresno Bee GetContent.asp Residents were so overjoyed at the least bit of precipitation that they called it RAIN. My parents would have called it sprinkles. However, the big news is that the precipitation we did get tied a record for the date–.18 of an inch. Like I said, torrential downpour!

An addendum: Monday’s weather is a glorious 82 degrees of fabulous sunshine. Terry decided it would be a good day to clean the rain gutters so as to be ready for the next torrential downpour.


7 responses to “Torrential downpour

  1. I like your touch of irony.

  2. glad you got a sprinkle anyway.

  3. Wow! Considering the drought, I’m sure you were happy for this “downpour.” 🙂

  4. Where are the good old downpours of yesteryear? They were a great winter excitement in California. Let’s hope for a “normal” rainy season now.

  5. DkZody: I have not heard anything back from the Fresno Bee about the Cottage Door. Perhaps they have pressed on with other issues.

    In the late 60s one of those buildings (Del Webb) was my office. From there I managed a $12 mil business territory from Stockton, Bakersfield, LVegas, UT, and AZ. Which one was it?

    • The DelWebb is not in this picture. The photo was taken near H Street and Fresno Street, looking southeast. The DelWebb is beyond the Security Bank Building, the tall building with the red around the top. The DelWebb is now the county’s office building.

  6. Glad you got a bit of respite. We’ve been sweltering in 89-90 degree F heat for several weeks now and it’s darn annoying.

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