Just leave us to our own devices

Our children are attending a youth worker’s conference so we are staying with our grandchildren for a few days. Normally we would have had the grandkids at our house but our granddaughter attends kindergarten now and we didn’t want her to miss any school. Good attendance is very important and it starts at the very beginning.

It is also Judah’s birthday week so we delivered the new tractor to him. He rides it every day, especially over to the church to water the vegetable garden our daughter has planted there. He also rides it several times a day around the block to check on the equipment yard that is on the next street. Yesterday we watched a fellow load up a large lift on a truck. After he finished, he came around and saw Judah sitting there, on his tractor, watching.

“You’ve got a John Deere. Cool.”

Judah was pretty pleased. The equipment yard has John Deere equipment though nothing quite like his tractor.


The weather here is HOT. Just as hot as in Fresno. On Friday the temperature was 95 in Fresno, 93 in San Mateo. However, there is NO air conditioning in the kids’ house. I decided we were going out to eat because I didn’t want to cook in the hot house. Pizza and ice cream sounded like a good idea for Judah’s birthday celebration.

Today we are staying inside with all the fans running, sitting very still, each one of us on our own device. Judah has cartoons on my iPhone, Leeya is watching Terry’s tablet, Terry and I are each working with our respective laptop. The electronic family.


9 responses to “Just leave us to our own devices

  1. Freezing over here in the DC area right now. Wanna trade?

    • Fortunately the bay area never gets too cold. When we lived in SF I had one heavy raincoat but seldom wore it. I gave it to my daughter when we moved back to Fresno because it is never too cold there when it rains. The bay area is usually so much cooler at this time of the year.

  2. Goodness, toys sure are fancy these days.

  3. Fun times with the grandkids! Lucky Judah.

  4. That is just the coolest tractor! Judah is definitely lucky indeed. I can just imagine how much my son would have loved that when he was little.

  5. I’ve been enjoying seeing the pictures you put on Facebook of the amazing tractor. I’m so glad it’s cooled down here, although we never saw 90 all year! I cannot imagine those temperatures. Glad you’re okay. 🙂

    • All of California is super hot right now. Hopefully the bay area is going to be a bit cooler starting Sunday, but we are heading back to Fresno where the heat will still be holding on. However, we have AC in our house so it will be okay.

  6. Cute tractor!
    As for the heat, it’s pretty bad in Hawaii, too.

  7. In my recollection October is the hottest month in the Bay Area. But it has been unusually warm and humid here in Hawaii. And now we have lava breaking out on the Big Island,too. No danger for us or our house but it affects everything here. Has everyone on edge.

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