Not responsible

Terry and I awoke in our own bed this morning. After five intense days with our grandchildren, we were glad to collapse into bed last night knowing we would not be responsible to anyone the next morning except the cats who were so glad to see us when we arrived home. Even though it will be HOT again here today, the house is so cool with just the fans running. We have so many trees surrounding the house that the rooms can stay pretty cool even on hot days. If it gets too hot, the air conditioner will click on. Ahh, I love our house.

Also love our dishwasher. Terry diligently worked every day to keep the dishes washed at our kids’ house. Small children eat constantly and there seems to always be a pile of dishes in the sink. When they stay here, we just stick all those dishes in the dishwasher and usually run it two or even three times during the day.

One thing has changed as the kids have gotten older–less laundry. They don’t seem to get as dirty, or maybe that’s because they don’t have a lot of dirt around their house in which to play. When they stay at our house, we seem to go through a couple of changes a day. But, they aren’t spilling food on their clothes like they did when smaller. I also seemed to stay cleaner.

We dearly love our grandchildren, and we are so happy to be healthy enough to take care of them. We are fortunate to have the time and the energy to spend nights and days with them and bounce back without too much effort. We have today at home to get household chores done and rest up for the remainder of the week. Every day has something planned. As for our children and grandchildren: they left this morning for a road trip to Oregon with Chad’s family.


6 responses to “Not responsible

  1. It’s nice to lay down the responsibilities for others for awhile and just hang out with the cats. Sounds perfect to me! 🙂

  2. Aren’t dishwashers wonderful? The things we take for granted!

    • Our kids live in a very old home dating to pre-1940s. The plumbing won’t allow for a dishwasher. Makes me so sad every time I’m there because my daughter loves to cook and, like me, can use every pot in the house to do so.

  3. I love my grandkids, too.

  4. Wonderful! I was working when my granddaughters were small, so a visit with them involving a meal meant a restaurant. Not one meal went by without a glass of water in my lap. The staff always sat us in the back, with the other families. I am happy to report my granddaughters are all grown now, and I like it very much. So does their Mom!

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