God works in mysterious ways

This morning, at a meeting, a couple of my paths merged for a moment.

You will remember that I am now a school resource chaplain. I know, you’ve heard little about what I’m doing because I’m not doing anything. The school to which I have been assigned has an overwhelmed principal who has not been able to meet with me and set up a schedule. The school, in one of the poorest parts of town, has been without a vice principal since the second day of the school year, which began back in August. I cannot explain why a substitute was not put into place for the duration or why there is even a vacancy. But, whatever the reason,it makes the job of principal even harder.

Last year I began working with a team of three others at an elementary school near the Baptist church I attended for 39 years. We have returned this year for another round of Good News Club one afternoon a week where students can come and learn Bible stories, sing songs, and be with some pretty neat people. There are many such clubs scattered throughout the city.

This morning all of us Good News Club teachers met to pick up the next set of curriculum and sitting next to me was the coordinator for the club at that school where I am supposed to be school chaplain. We shared stories and she invited me to come observe the Good News Club teachers work with the children. She was very pleased to hear that the school will have a chaplain. As with most schools in the district, this one has some serious problems.

Although I have not yet worked as a chaplain at the school, I have seen the campus and its neighborhood. I pray every day for the school, its students, its staff. I pray, too, for the students who come to Good News Club at another school in the district where I am a part of the weekly routine. I know that God is working in those hard places and that He has a job for me to do. In His timing, not mine.


4 responses to “God works in mysterious ways

  1. There are no coincidences…

  2. You are a wonderful resource, and I know you will make a HUGE difference once you are able to interact with those students. I am also sending you hugs and prayers so that it will all work out as intended. You are just the best, Delaine. I hope you know that. 🙂

  3. All the best settling into your chaplaincy.

  4. I get it. People who need the most help are often in systems (particularly school systems) , where the leaders are so overwhelmed that the mechanisms for providing that help don’t arrive smoothly. But, from reading your blog, and knowing your concerns and cares, I believe wherever you work with children, the children will benefit.
    Also, in the school setting, we all know that we learn from one group, and then apply what we have learned to other groups. Keep up your good work.

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