Celebrating grandchildren’s birthdays

This year was extraordinary in that Judah got an actual ‘gift’ for his birthday-the toy tractor. Usually we just buy things all yearlong for the grandchildren and give them the items, or mail them, when we buy them.

We take photos all year long, too, when we are with the kids, and their ‘real’ birthday gift is a picture book depicting the past year in photos. They love these books as they get to remember all of the things they did during the year. They are now seeing how much they have grown. Leeya has five books, and Judah just received Book 3. I designed it after we got home from delivering the tractor. Shutterfly shipped it and Judah received it Friday. Jennifer sent this picture of Judah and his new book.


Today the grandchildren arrive at our house to stay this week and we will take more photos and add more memories.


2 responses to “Celebrating grandchildren’s birthdays

  1. Great idea! I’ll have to remember it for when I have grandchildren

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