Small grandchildren are here for a few days. Leeya is on fall break from school, dad had woodworking projects, mom had a meetup with ministry girlfriends. So grandma and grandpa are in charge of fun and games.

One day we played at a local park that has play equipment for all developmental levels. There are replicas of local architectural icons, too, as well as a trolley car. Judah loves PBS Daniel Tiger that has a trolley so he was happy to play in this replica.


We also worked on a couple of crafts:



Everyone made Halloween cards, too.

The house is covered in small bits of paper from all of this work.



7 responses to “Crafty

  1. what cute crafts! It helps that Grandma was a teacher!

  2. He’s adorable, and very good at making these great crafts. You sure are a good grandma. 🙂

    • We know we have a small window of time to spend with these children doing these kinds of things. They will grow into teenagers who won’t think we are all that cool. We’re enjoying the time. I’m getting smarter about enjoying the moment.

  3. I’m involved with grandkids right now, too. My daughter is engrossed in a project for her son’s first grade class. I’m amazed at how good she is at sitting down in the midst of chaos and getting the job done. Was I ever like that? I really can’t remember.

  4. Great photos. I love the fox. Your grandson is adorable and the photo is priceless. One of my favorite photos of my kids is them working on crafts.

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