What I had planned versus what I am doing

Terry has left for a funeral of a 30+ year friend. We have known this man and his family all these many years through the church we no longer attend. Terry said goodbye to John on his last Sunday as cameraman as John also works on the church television ministry. The next Saturday, John was dead, at 71, of a heart attack. His family had been gathered at their home, planning John and Carol’s 50th wedding anniversary.  It was quick and unexpected.

My plan had been to attend the funeral with Terry. John and Carol are dear people, with great faith, and I have long admired and liked them. However, I am concerned that I may be contagious with a virus I seem to have had attack me in the last few days. Instead of dressing and going with Terry, I am instead lying on the couch in the family room, looking out on the backyard, recuperating.

I was reading a blog post, before I came to write this, about heart attack symptoms in women, and realizing all of the symptoms, sans the heavy feeling in the chest, were mine with this current bout of whatever. I gather that fever, chills, diarrhea, vomiting, and pain are symptoms of many ailments. If I had been around anyone who has just returned from Africa, I would have been at the emergency room immediately, as I have read those are the symptoms for Ebola. Along with a heavy dose of sneezing.  Had that, too. Viruses are nasty little creatures.

Many years ago, upon flying home from Portland, after depositing our daughter at college, I became very ill. The doctors could find nothing. This went on for two weeks. They even thought I might have a concussion due to the nausea and vomiting that were nonstop. Finally someone ordered a blood test that showed I had an elevated rate of a deadly bacteria. By that point, my body had fought it off well enough that they saw no point in giving me any meds. I was in recovery.

And so I think I am now. I am feeling much better this morning. I had a decent breakfast and will spend the day doing very little except resting as I have a very busy week coming up and cannot be sick. I just wish I could have attended John’s funeral.


2 responses to “What I had planned versus what I am doing

  1. That was very thoughtful of you to stay away and protect others from your illness, which probably was/is contagious. I wish more people would do that. Sorry to hear of your sudden loss; he was the same age as me. 😦

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Sad to hear about your friend.

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