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When I taught numerous high school classes along with managing the yearbook, field trips, and committee meetings, I kept a series of planning books and calendars. I would sit for long periods laying out units, deadlines, meeting dates, and other dates that traverse a school’s solar system like satellites in space. Everything seemed to be a moving target, and my goal was to pin it down, on paper, on a calendar. This time of the year would be crazy, what with the holiday season upon us as well as the numerous parties, deadlines, grading schedules. Oh my. Just typing this reminds me of why I retired from teaching. Keeping all those balls in the air was exhausting.

Although no where as daunting as the schedule I maintained as a teacher for 21 years, I have recently realized my schedule for the next three months is pretty jam-packed. Because of Good News Club and school chaplaincy, each at a different school, on different days of the week, each with its on set of planning days and meetings, I thought it best to bring out the calendar again to set things in place. To ruminate over the weeks, as my husband so kindly calls my calendar obsession.

Just studying a calendar, with the weeks outlined with each activity in its assigned day’s box, makes me feel more confident in my ability to manage my life. This was my lifeline when I was teaching. The planning, the goal-setting, the adherence to a strict schedule were my paths to success. And so, it must be for my current activities. Even in retirement, I am concerned with success at what I do. Just as when I worked, my reputation is at stake. My reputation for high quality work. My reputation for getting the job done when I say I will. My reputation for follow-through and follow-up. My reputation for being the person others want on their team.

The events are in place on the calendar. Now I just have to show up and do the work.


11 responses to “Calendars, schedules, planning

  1. Wouldn’t it be easier to do this on a screen? A cool spreadsheet? I am careful not to be too overcommitted, because after all, I want to decide when I will attend something or not. But then again, you really are an overachiever! 🙂

    • I hate spreadsheets, so no. That is not a possibility. I love paper calendars for my planning. I have a calendar on my phone and computer (iCal), and look at them when I am away from home, but for real contemplation, I want paper.

  2. I keep all my library and school stuff on Google calendar. If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist in my world. I’ve had to train my teachers to use the calendar to see when the library or lab is available rather than just emailing me. I even have an easy online form for them to fill out.

  3. Excellence all the way Delaine! Do remember to slow down and keep well!

  4. We have 2 paper calendars, one for David, one for me. We need to keep our events separate. Works for us.

    • Terry keeps track of his own meetings and such, and once or twice a week we go over the events for the next few days. He often, though, forgets to tell me he’s got an event until he’s getting ready to go.

  5. My calendar waxes and wanes. Sometimes, I am happy to have an empty day.

  6. I have a small pocket calendar and an address book and always have them with me. I have photocopied my address book and put that on my computer as a backup. My schedule is fairly easy to manage these days, things such as the deadline for a newsletter I edit, meetings, dental appointments, upcoming trips, etc. . Doesn’t mean I avoid mixups altogether, of course, but it’s a pretty efficient system.
    Years ago a Swiss women told me that the key to good self management is to have everything in one place and close at hand. One calendar, one address book, and that’s it. This sure works for me.

    • So true about the management thing. Today, my mechanic called to let me know I would need the timing belt replaced on the Subaru. Expensive job. It nagged at me and I got out the service orders from when I was taking the car to the dealer rather than the independent who was calling me. That service had been done 25K miles ago when the water pump had to be replaced. Just saved myself about $1000 by having all those service orders in one place to check.

  7. That is woman, of course. See how short I fall of perfection!

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