Being a bit crafty

A friend’s daughter has designed a craft business in the last year along side her lawyer trade. She posts crafty items on her Instagram account, and yesterday she posted a set of cute witches which I decided to download, print, color, cut out and share with my chaplaincy charges.

Doing a craft project tied in with the story, “The Bad Mood,” and what one can do instead of subjecting others to one’s bad mood.

Here are all three of the witches, hanging out around the Halloween candy stash.


I gave the witches to one of the teachers today after reading the story for the last time. Then I came home to prep for next week’s story, “Let’s Go Hugo.” I found that the story involves the Eiffel Tower. A Pinterest search turned up a small model of the monument which I printed on heavy paper and constructed.


While the glue dried, I made biscuits. It was a very productive day.



6 responses to “Being a bit crafty

  1. Nice! Enjoy your Halloween, Delaine. I really love your Eiffel Tower, BTW. 🙂

  2. Loveryour Eiffel Tower and biscuits!

  3. A good day, and I am wondering if those are Macbeth’s witches.

  4. Those are wonderful witches. Thanks.
    Yes, the work you do does make a difference. It doesn’t seem so now, but the results will show up after they get out of school. An example….my eldest, homeless, alcoholic, addict, daughter, just graduated from the basic fire acadamy here at age 5 I graduated from college at age 50, and boy was I a problem child. I still treasure the memory of the teachers who went out of their way for me. So does my daughter. 🙂

  5. Witches are soooo cute. Made me smile. I find a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest, but Instagram confounds me. Can’t figure it out.

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