Fruitcake season is upon us

I baked nine little fruitcakes yesterday, after soaking the fruits and nuts in Korbel brandy for a week. Korbel is a winery in Guerneville that makes outstanding champagne. It takes a good brandy for the final processing of champagne, so when I saw the Korbel label on the brandy bottle, I knew I had a winner. Sure enough, really good brandy for fruitcake season.


You will note that only eight fruitcakes are continuing the aging process. I always want to cut and eat one when they come out of the oven, so warm and fresh. I decided to do just that. After all, they are MY fruitcakes, and I’m a adult, so I should get to make that decision. Even though that last sentence sounds like a petulant child!



7 responses to “Fruitcake season is upon us

  1. I have never had a store bought fruitcake that I like, but I bet yours is good! Home made things are so much better. Unless I make them. You take your chances when I cook.

  2. They look more than fantastic. That picture of the one you ate looks incredibly delicious! 🙂

  3. And why not? Llol. Can’t believe how quickly Christmas is approaching. The cakes look perfect!

  4. I am not too fond of fruit cake, but yours look delicious.

  5. Any chocolate chips in them? LOL

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