A holiday week

The schools are closed Monday and Tuesday this week since Veteran’s Day falls on Tuesday and we know, those who work in schools, that you cannot get kids to come one day after the weekend and then take a day off and return, so just give them the extra day off. Because of the holiday, I’m not doing Good News Club this week. Since I had extra time, and it was the week for Ladies Who Lunch, and  I didn’t care for the restaurant that had been selected for the monthly lunch, I offered to host the group at my house. I would have the time, and I do enjoy cooking and entertaining when I have the time.

I made chicken tortilla soup and apple dumplings. One of the gals brought a lovely assortment of breads from a local bread company and another brought a peach cobbler, so as you can imagine, we were quite full by the time the meal was finished. I also juiced grapes, pomegranates, and cranberries for a beverage. I added sparkling water to the juice and it was a quite refreshing balance to the mild heat of the soup.

Because it is still fall, and I’m not about to put out Christmas decorations, I went to Michaels just to see what fall decor I could find for table decorations. I got fabric leaves and a bolt of ribbon to make napkin holders. Turned out, when I got to the register, that all fall merchandise was 75 percent off. I only paid $2 for my supplies. Then, at Salvation Army thrift store I found five brand new kitchen towels (still had the tags), with roosters and apples in fall colors to match the leaves and ribbon, that would make perfect place mats. All for $2. I also bought an ivory colored crocheted table runner (or couch doily, depending on how you use it) for $1. Another guest brought each of us warm colorful socks and I packaged up the leftovers and sent everyone home with a goody bag. Each of the ladies took their “placemat” home as part of the “swag.”

Even though it is a holiday, Terry has a doctor’s appointment to see what is wrong with his back. He has been in excruciating pain for the past week. We are thinking there is a vertebra problem as nothing has helped that he tried for muscle aches which he has had before.

One of the Ladies Who Lunch is at the hospital today having an MRI as she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. The MRI will determine whether the surgeons will do a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. There were lots of tears, along with laughter, at lunch yesterday.

Tomorrow I return to the school across town and tell the story of “Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon,” about a little girl who did not get sad or mad when bullied at a new school, but instead used her grandmother’s advice about accepting one’s self and having a positive, upbeat attitude. The bully becomes a new friend.

So, how’s your holiday week playing out?


13 responses to “A holiday week

  1. Our kids had Monday off and we had a teacher work day at school. My granddaughter’s school held classes on Monday. She had a Chem test that day and a paper due in her Honors English class. Business very much as usual there!

    • I think Monday was an inservice day for schools, however, I noticed that a whole lot of teachers were traveling, etc, during that time so am assuming they took a “sick day.”

      • Only three of our teachers were out that day, and I’m assuming they had a “sick” day too! I’ll admit the idea crossed my mind, but I persevered!

  2. I’m hoping that Terry will find out what’s wrong with his back, and that your friend will be all right. Your Ladies Who Lunch sound just simply wonderful. What a great group! My holiday week isn’t much different than any other week, since I’m retired and following my usual schedule. 🙂

    • The dr thinks Terry’s problem is bursitis in his left hip. She is sending him to physical therapy and ordered some meds to help the pain for now. She may do a cortisone injection in the future.

      My friend did not get good news today. The mri found another lump so she will have another biopsy next week rather than surgery.

  3. Hubby is a federal employee so had the day off today. In order to have a four day weekend he scheduled a vacation day for yesterday. It’s been strange with both of us at home for so many days in a row.

  4. lots of news today…lovely inspiring story for the kids too. I love chicken tortilla soup.

    • The soup starts as enchilada filling. This time I just made a double recipe so that i added chicken broth and more chile sauce and corn to make the soup yesterday. Terry and I enjoyed the enchiladas over the weekend.

  5. I used to enjoy entertaining, now not so much.
    You should have photographed the table settings. Sounded lovely.

    • One would have thought I would have taken pictures, but I was so busy before the ladies came, and then we got so busy talking and talking and talking, that it never entered my mind. We were a pretty focused bunch on Monday and taking pictures didn’t even enter our minds.

  6. Busy you on your days off. I was never very good at playing the hostess, but admire those who can pulpit off. Sounds as if your guests had a merry time. An interesting juice too.

  7. Sounds delightful. So sorry about your friend. No day off here tho.

  8. You and your friends sound wonderful. My sister is a red hatter and arranges a lot of outings for her group of go-go elder women. I tend to stick to my small circle of local friends who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking; I like my senior center classes (yoga and ceramics), and a couple of discussion groups. And of course the League of Women Voters. I do like to entertain, and because of our location in Hawaii we get a fair number of overnight guests.
    I hope your friend is OK and that the MRI gives the go-ahead for less drastic treatment. Also that your husband can get some relief for his back problem! My husband’s name is Terry, too, BTW.

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