Mid November means early sunset

Although only a small amount, it did rain this week. Enough to settle the dust and clean up our very bad air. Fresno was on the same level as China for a couple of days. The air so thick with particulates that you could not see your hand in front of you and it was hard to breath. After the rain, and some wind, the air is much better but not for long if more rains don’t come.

The rain fell on a day I do my chaplain duties so I learned, first-hand, what happens at the school on rainy day schedule. The students don’t get to go out after lunch to run and play but rather are cooped up in the cafeteria, chomping at the bit to move and laugh, and talk loudly. The cafeteria helpers were not amused. They tried to show a movie, but the noise level was too high to hear the dialog. The kids didn’t seem interested, anyway, and just wanted to goof around and talk with their friends. I cannot blame them as they must sit for so much of the day, doing math and reading, that sitting one more minute makes them explode with energy.

I got out stickers to reward the kids who were trying to behave but that caused an uproar by others who ran over to see if they too could get a sticker, which just made the cafeteria helpers irate. I didn’t score any points there.

The chaplain supervisor came to observe my last class on Wednesday. This class does very well and received a prize on Wednesday (as did three of my other classes) for their good behavior during story time for the past three weeks. We call the reward Star Points and this week’s prize was a pencil covered in sparkly stars. Next time it will be a star sticker from the police department.  One class, oh my, just can’t seem to get any stars on their chart. Maybe next week.

I received a very nice report on my storytelling and work with the class,  and the supervisor said he was going to recommend some of the other chaplains come observe me. I was a bit surprised as I’ve not worked much with little kids so figure I could sure use more practice. I will say, though, that I do engage them while I am there. It’s only 30 minutes for each class so I figure I can’t mess up too much in that short amount of time.

Sun sets here at 4:49 today so the drapes have been drawn and the lamps turned on. Dinner is cooking as I type. I’m trying a new vegan carnitas product that I found at Whole Foods. I stuffed a poblano chile with the mixture and melted Jack cheese on top. We’ll see if it measures up. As the darkness falls, I am so ready to eat dinner and get ready for bed!


8 responses to “Mid November means early sunset

  1. Our sun sets here today at 4:28pm and never gets above 22 degrees from the horizon. It always seems to be shining in my eyes, no matter where I am going. And we’ve got another month to go before it starts back up! 🙂

    • I remember our daughter complaining about the early sunsets in December when she was in college just west of Portland. It was dark by 4 every afternoon and usually raining so they didn’t see the sun at all for days.

  2. Years ago I did playground duty at the elementary school my boys attended. On inclement weather days they had to go back to their classrooms for indoor recess. It was bad enough the first day, but if they were cooped inside for multiple days you could feel their pent-up energy. It wasn’t fun for the children OR the aides.

  3. I would love to see a photo of your meal. Sounds delicious.

  4. Rainy days and low lights suit Introverts like me who enjoy reading. As for the rain, it rained two nights while I was in San Diego, a nice long roof pounding rain both times. The last thing my son said when he put me on the plane home was, “Thanks for bringing the rain.” We have plenty to spare on the Eat Coast, so I frequently beseech the Weather God to send some your way.

    • We have had fog every day since the rain. Didn’t burn off until noon today. The fog, it turns out, is good for vines and trees and helps with fruit production. With no rain for a few years, we’ve had no fog either. The trees and vines have not only suffered from heat and lack of water in the summer, but lack of dark, cold and wet days in the winter. I, on the other hand, hate the fog.

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