Sunday’s church service

We are now attending a Presbyterian church that has a very traditional service. I LOVE it, and I especially love the organ and the hymns. Almost every Sunday I am able to sing all of the songs during the service. Today, alas, was not one of those days. My Baptist background had not prepared me for the hymns in today’s service, and if I’ve not heard them before, I can’t sing as I don’t read music and can’t carry a tune very well. Actually, I can’t carry a tune at all, but I like to sing any way.

Even though I could not sing along, I still enjoyed the hymns this morning as the organ hit all the notes and carried the melody. At our previous church the organ had been replaced with a rock band and the music was so loud that it literally banged my insides. This morning’s music was calming, reassuring, and gentle on my insides.

Another enjoyable aspect of the Presbyterian service is the sermon. The pastor is very low key and his sermons are quite delightful. And short. I like short. I say short, meaning short for the evangelical church which has gotten into the habit of 50 minute sermons. The Presbyterian sermon runs about 20 minutes. Which is perfect. People don’t want to sit and listen for a long time to someone going on and on. Or this person doesn’t. One has to be a pretty amazing speaker for me to want to listen for more than 20 minutes.


9 responses to “Sunday’s church service

  1. Sounds perfect. You were kept awake, and came home fully blessed. Hymns….I love all the really old ones we sang in our episcopal church.

  2. yes 20 mins sounds good. I enjoy the singing at church.

  3. Each of the Masses at our church has its own music personality, Although I occasionally enjoy the ‘rock band’ church music, I’m happier with more traditional sounds.

  4. First Pres by any chance????

  5. When I attended church (Episcopal), I really liked the structure of the event. Now it’s all different, and I’m like you, I prefer the organ to a rock band! 🙂

    • The “new” way of doing church is to attract a different population, which I am really glad to see; however, I believe there should be church for people like me who likes the old way of doing it. The old way attracted me years ago and still does. I like a calm, structured service. The old hymns speak to me, the new praise choruses do not.

  6. The best part of any service for me is the music.

    • I would agree with that comment, unless the music is loud rock music in a setting more reminiscent of a night club than a sanctuary. Such has become the mode at the previous church we attended for almost 40 years.

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