Trees, leaves, falling

Although foggy and cool in the mornings, our afternoons are pretty nice with lots of sunshine for a few hours. That’s when I get my rake and head outside to move the leaves around.

We have two large trees in the backyard that drop massive amounts of leaves. In years past I have put many of them in the green can and had them hauled off. I also keep a large pile of leaves around the greenhouse pad to keep the weeds from growing and to build my own mulch pile.

Last year I decided to move some of that mulch to the front of the greenhouse pad where I always got a bumper crop of winter grass and weeds. Flowers won’t grow in this yard, but the weeds and wild grasses do a great job. The mulch worked and kept the weeds away so this year I am pushing the leaves to the outer edges of the yard so as to keep the weeds down but also to act as moisture retention for the large plants that edge the yard. I found that the plants I kept leaves around this past summer needed far less watering than the non-leaf-mulched plants. I’m trying my theory on the front yard with some of the leaves from the mulberry tree that grows out there.

Terry should be pruning the mulberry tree as it cannot be allowed to keep its new growth. Mulberries grow on that new wood and make a terrible mess in the spring if the tree is not harshly pruned back. However, Terry’s lower back has been hurting for two weeks. A visit to the doctor last week diagnosed bursitis in his left hip. She is hoping to help the pain with anti-inflammatories, pain killer, and muscle relaxant, but it seems that may not be enough. The next step will be a cortisone shot into the hip. I’m hoping that will provide the relief he will need to get busy on that tree pruning job.


8 responses to “Trees, leaves, falling

  1. My Terry weeded a very large patch of the yard. It gets some shade, so I might trying growing lettuce in it.
    I hope your Terry feels better.

  2. Perhaps you can find a workperson hanging out at HOME DEPOT who can do the job. 🙂

  3. oh your poor husband! Hope he will be back to normal soon, and of course rest will help!

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that the plants with a layer of leaves needed less water. You’re just replicating what Mother Nature’s been doing for eons.

  5. I think it would be a good idea to hire out that pruning job, for the sake of Terry’s back. Mulching with leaves is a great idea! 🙂

  6. We have 3 yard men who clean our yard once a month so that helps.

  7. I hope Terry’s back recovers for the car show.

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