This past week.

I ate these school lunches.


IMG_7814.JPG I read this book to the first graders.

IMG_7805.JPG I wore these shoes.

IMG_7813.JPG Finally, I bought some new Christmas decorations, including this fellow.

IMG_7818.JPG Let the holidays begin!


6 responses to “This past week.

  1. Those lunches look pretty healthy, even if rather uninspiring. But I simply LOVE your shoes! 🙂

  2. I hate to ask…but exactly what is in the second meal? It looks uninviting. No wonder the kids are rebelling. And yes, great shoes.

    • The kids had cheese and pepperoni pizza on Wednesday so I got a peanut butter graham sandwich because I don’t do dairy.

      For Thursday, as a preholiday treat (?), the students get turkey gravy and mashed potatoes. It was very good and the kids all seemed to like the main dish. I had to remind some to eat the melon and tomatoes as they spent most of their time on the gravy and potatoes. The roll, however, was so hard that it was impossible to eat. Maybe, if it had been warmed with the hot food, it would have been more palatable. The previous week I had whole wheat rolls served along with the hot dish and they were just fine.

      These meals meet dietary requirements. They are made for 75,000 kids at a satellite kitchen and delivered to all the schools. None of the students pay for these meals. I pay $2 for my lunch.

  3. love that pic with your shoes!

  4. Love the socks too, but I wondered about the protein. There isn’t much. I loved hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes when I was a kid. Loved it.

    Yes, the holidays creep up uponeth here too. I bought a small glass ray gun yesterday, and Saturday I’ll begin discarding old decorations. We have way too many.

  5. I am not thinking about the holidays until they are upon me.

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