A short pause in the holiday jocularity

The house is very quiet right now as it is just Terry and me here, the dishwasher again running. The kids and grandkids were up early this morning to head to the hills to an alpaca farm. This has become a tradition with Chad’s family, and although we are always invited, Terry and I are usually too tired on the morning after Thanksgiving to get up and get moving to leave for the early adventure. It gives us a chance to pause, reflect, do a few chores, and gear up for the next round. Fortunately, I have enough food in the house to feed us so I won’t need to go grocery shopping just yet.

I am not a coupon queen by any means, but every so often all of the offers I have seem to align. Such was the case with our recent trip to the bay area. I had received a $25 coupon from Best Western Hotels for our next stay. Klout had sent me a perk for Chevys Fresh Mex restaurant that gave us one free adult meal and one free child’s meal. My Nordstroms reward points had provided a $20 coupon.

Unfortunately, the Best Western hotel at which we have stayed before and where I made this visit’s reservations, changed to an independent between the time I made the reservation in mid November and the day we arrived in late November so they would not honor my $25 coupon. Chevys was quite happy to deduct the cost of our meals when we all went out for dinner Sunday night. They even had a special Klout key to use on the ticket. Then I used the Nordstroms’ reward the next day to buy Leeya some new shoes.


Target has a new coupon app called “Cartwheel,” which works better for me than paper coupons. I can check to see what offers they may have and choose what I will be buying anyway, add it to my phone, and then the cashier just scans my phone when I check out. Last week I had paper coupons, Cartwheel offers, and a text offer I picked up when I was in the store (buy $50 in groceries, get a $10 Target card). All of that, along with my usual five percent Red Card discount, I saved $54 on my $200 purchase.

Back to my unusually quiet house. The dryer is running as I am laundering all of the kids’ clothes before they return home tomorrow. The dishwasher has beeped its finish for today’s first load. I think I’ll have time to put on makeup today. That never happened yesterday as I was up and cooking at dawn’s early light. Then I played with the grandkids and suddenly it was time to put all the food on the table and eat. After getting all of the dinner dishes done, it was time for dessert along with a football game. Bath time for small children consumed part of the evening. I’m glad it gets dark so early now. I was able to collapse into bed at 8 pm.


8 responses to “A short pause in the holiday jocularity

  1. Thanks for the coupon tip. Also will you make a video of how you remove seeds from a pomegranate?

    • I’m not too good at making videos, however, I can give you some direction. Fill a very large bowl with water. Cut the pomegranate in half or quarters. Or just score the skin, that works, too. Put the pomegranate in the bowl of water and work the ‘poms” (seeds) loose. The membrane will float to the top, the poms to the bottom. Using a strainer, pour off the water and put the poms into a storage container. I always do at least two pomegranates when I do this process. Each one only takes a minute or so.

  2. sounds like the holiday went well.

  3. You make me feel so lazy! Guess I’d better get off my duff and do a few things.

  4. Sounds lovely.
    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.
    We did, too.

  5. That’s a LOT of Thanksgiving preparation. You had a right to just hang around (if that is what you call working as hard as you did) and not going out. I’ve never used coupons, but you make me think I might be missing out! 🙂

  6. I tried your method of removing pomegranate seeds this morning and managed fairly well, producing a big bowl of pips from two poms. immediately, my parrots spied them so I shared the results. Thanks for the tip.

  7. I understand completely. My house is cozy and quiet. The tree and the creche are up, and we are a very quiet couple right now.;

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