The Advent season begins

Sunday was the first day of Advent–waiting for the messiah. It is a favorite time of mine as there are candles, decorations, and a sense of expectation.

Our new church takes Advent seriously, incorporating the theme throughout the Sunday services leading up to, and including, Christmas Eve. This past Sunday’s theme was hope.


We were challenged to take comfort in God’s word as we wait, with hope, for God’s arrival. To wait where we are, listening, seeing, touching in the very moment, assured that we are not alone.

The sanctuary had been beautifully decorated for this season of waiting with expectation.



8 responses to “The Advent season begins

  1. stunning tree, the church looks beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! I am recalling my own church-going days, and Advent. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  3. I love the church’s decorations!

    Check out my funny take on an “Advent wreath” on my blog today (as well as a link back to your post)

  4. The trees have come in, so got to go out and get one. We would be satisfied with a few lights, but our grandkids are coming, so a tree is essential.

    • I don’t think we will get a live tree this year. I have a small fake tree I might put up, but probably not. I will have to rearrange the house to do so. I have put out a couple of manger scenes, and I decorated the front porch.

  5. very pretty decorations.

  6. I remember Advent at St. John’s when I was a kid. At home, mother had an Advent calender. I see them in the stores now for the first time.

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