That time of the year

It rained here all day, for which we are thankful. Fortunately, the rain stopped just as I headed off to Good News Club and by the time I left the school, the sun was setting on a beautiful evening. Again, I was thankful.

Terry is gone this evening to a downtown event to take pictures for the charitable organization that puts on the large children’s Christmas party. It’s his contribution to Giving Tuesday.

Sitting at home, I am going through photos.  I came across this one from Christmas in our little condominium 35 years ago. Jennifer was one year old; I’m 27 in the picture. Where did all those years go? Jennifer now has children who are older than she is in this picture.


More rain is promised for tomorrow. I am hoping the skies will be clear during the lunch hours as I am at the school across town for my chaplain duties and it’s not much fun to be sequestered in the cafeteria with small children who want so badly to play outdoors. Due to the drought, we’ve had little need for rainy day schedules these past few years, and small children are not trained for quiet indoor activities.


8 responses to “That time of the year

  1. I love your hair style.

  2. You can tell it’s an old photo by the glasses style. Otherwise it’s timeless. You might look a little different, but mostly the hair color is strikingly different. 🙂

  3. I agree with Jan about the glasses; nothing says ‘decades old’ like those big round lenses.

    I thought of you last night when the weatherman talked about the rain California would be getting.

    • I will have to do some digging and find my high school pictures with very small, cat frames. Funny how eye glass fashion changes over the centuries. Now the big glasses are coming back. One of my students, in third grade, just got new glasses that have big black frames.

  4. Can they pup on a quick play or pantomime?

    Yes, I too wore those big glasses. Heavy things that slid off my nose and broke with some regularity.

    You two are lovely.

  5. No rain for lunch time recess on Wednesday. Kids were able to run and play. One, though, fell and skinned her knee.

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