In the kitchen

Today is one of those days when I am cooking lots of food to keep us through the week. Chicken enchiladas, potato salad, beef and noodles, croutons for soups and salads, pecan pie.

Terry walked through the kitchen just as I was getting ready to start the water for the potatoes.

He: Are you stirring the water with a knife?

Me: Yes.

He: Don’t you think there is a better utensil for that?

Me: Sure, but that’s what I have right now so it works just fine.

He moved on.


5 responses to “In the kitchen

  1. you are so organized, delicious food for the week!

  2. Getting caught up with you. Finally. Scary with all those guns about. And yes, a knife works very well in a pot 🙂

  3. haha. You sound like me.

  4. Why do husbands do that? Let me know if you ever find out. My usual response is…do you want to do the cooking from now on?

  5. Thanks for the laugh. That scene in the kitchen caught me off guard and I laughed so hard that nearly fell off the chair.

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