About that uniform


Although I only wear this uniform twice a week, and I wear different shoes and coats depending on the weather, it gets pretty boring. Sure glad I don’t have to wear the same thing five days a week.

I don’t have to think about what to wear. Just put the shirt and pants on each of the two days and be sure to have the two pieces laundered by the next week. There are days, like today when it is very gray and overcast that I would like to wear something a bit brighter and cheerier. I’m wearing my burgundy shoes and will wear a cranberry colored jacket.

Have any of you worn the same outfit day in, day out, for weeks, months, years?


14 responses to “About that uniform

  1. I had to wear a uniform when I worked at the mall…black pants with a company-supplied shirt and scarf. You’re right; it makes it easy to get dressed but gets very boring.

    • Because I have one pair of pants and one shirt, I have to make sure they are washed and ready to go on Wednesday. Then I come right home, change clothes so the uniform is still clean for the next day. Fortunately, I usually do laundry on the weekend. I prefer to just walk in each day, open the closet, and pull out what’s available and appeals to me that day.

  2. Nope, but I always liked to wear blue jeans to work when I could, and just change the upper parts, which is all anybody would pay attention to, anyway. Your cranberry coat must have looked very nice with this.:-)

    • The coat was a good complement to the uniform. I have a purple one in the same style that gets lots of compliments when I wear it. I have to consider the shoes I’m wearing as to which jacket I choose.

  3. You’re not allowed a scarf asks the scarf woman?


    • I could wear one with the jacket but would need to take it off while officially working. The uniform is like the ones worn by police. Next month we get a radio to carry.

  4. I tend to wear the same clothes for years…

    • Me too, Christine. I have clothes from the 90s. Last year I wore an outfit that I had almost given away a few years earlier, but because I really liked the color, kept it. It was perfect (long skirt, top, jacket) for a trip to a Greek Orthodox monastery where there was a strict dress code. One just never knows when those old clothes will come in handy.

  5. Uniforms would drive me nuts, as I like to wear colorful muumuus.

  6. There’s much good in uniform dressing. I’ce noticed that as women grow older they tend to dress relatively uniformly..at least around here. I go for comfort these days. Only any accessories matter.

    • THat’s funny because I don’t do accessories very well. The only jewelry I wear is my wedding band and watch. I don’t do belts. I use the same purse for a few months before changing to something different for a new season. I have some scarves and a large number of shoes. Also jackets and sweaters because our weather hardly ever gets cold enough for a real coat. Heck, I don’t even own a ‘real’ coat.

  7. Hmmmm… I can’t say I have. Is that an iPhone 6 you’re holding. I’m jealous!

    • Not a 6, Kay. I bought this 5s a few months before the 6 came out. Terry dropped his iPhone that he had inherited from me into a storm drain so needed a new phone. My 4s had run out of memory, and my contract was up, so it made sense to get me the new phone and Terry would take the 4s. He is very happy and I am too. The camera in the 5s is great. I no longer have a ‘real’ camera.

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