Keep those cards and letters coming

The Christmas cards have been arriving, although slowly. In years past I might find a stack in my mailbox each day; now one or two trickle in. Some days there are none. It’s my fault. I don’t send as many as I used to. Many of those to whom I sent cards have died or become too infirm to make the effort.

A couple of cards came with long letters detailing the past year. I have never been a Christmas letter writer feeling that to be a bit self-indulgent. Instead, I put it all here, on my blog!

The best cards came from the kids at the school where I am serving. Two classes even made books for me with their notes inside.






5 responses to “Keep those cards and letters coming

  1. Now that is a card I would cherish and keep in my special mementos place. 🙂

  2. We haven’t sent out cards for several years, so this year we’re getting very few. I agree with Jan that the ones from your students are precious.

  3. Ah, the rewards of being a teacher! I love receiving cards, and I always send cards, but I have pared down.

  4. Awwww… Now that is very, very special!

  5. Those are the best cards! Like you,I used to send out a lot of cards,but this year just a few hand written notes.

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