2015 is off and running

Although we did nothing out of the ordinary for New Year’s Eve, and were in bed before midnight, we were awakened by gunfire just past 12 am. Some in our neighborhood seemed to have their own way to celebrate. Because it was about 30 degrees outside, there seemed to be less gunfire, or at least for less time, than past years. Or, maybe the police really have taken more guns off of the streets.

We were up at our usual time this morning. The morning was beautiful, though very cold, with bright sunshine. Terry vacuumed while I read books. In the afternoon I delivered empty cardboard boxes to a friend of 20+ years who is planning to move to Arizona. She and her husband have found a place in Prescott that makes them happy. They will have to pack up a two-story, 4-bedroom home with a 3-car garage so every box helps.

After the box drop off, I did a little shopping. Yes, what a way to start the New Year–at the grocery store. I was close to Sprouts Market where I get the sunflower seeds that my backyard critters love, so I stopped in there and found that others had the same idea–use New Year’s Day to grocery shop. The place was crowded. I grabbed the sunflower seeds and headed home. I had to make this purchase as the birds and squirrels have devoured my stock of seeds this past week. Maybe it’s the cold weather that’s causing them to be so hungry.

We are continuing to do some chores and I will have to do more grocery shopping tomorrow as our kids are arriving on Saturday when we will celebrate our son-in-law’s birthday. I’m fixing his favorite foods–nachos, bruschetta, and coca cola. A new year begins.



8 responses to “2015 is off and running

  1. We had fireworks in the neighborhood, and yes, the birds need much more food when it’s cold out like that. I read that southern California is working hard to save the citrus crops in this terrible cold. And I’ll bet you will be buying that coca cola, not preparing it. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 🙂

    • The Coca Cola is actually left over from Thanksgiving when the kids were here. I buy those little 7 oz cans which is just the right amount of coke anyone should drink at one time.

  2. Stores in the Toronto area are mostly closed New Years Day. Off to grocery shop now! Happy New Year!

    • The stores closed for Christmas Day, but have been open on New Year’s for decades.

      I remember being called on New Year’s Day 1974 to come work at my job at Levitz Furniture as there was such a large crowd of customers. That was at a time when we could only buy gas on even or odd days, mine being even, and I had very little gas in my car so tried to beg off with that excuse. The store manager, desperate to get me to work, said he’d fill my car from the store’s tank used for the delivery trucks. I went to work.

  3. Happy New Year to you. Can’t get over your 30 degree weather. I assume you mean Fahrenheit?

  4. I love those bright California winter days, even when it’s cold. This year I won’t be making my usual trip to SF though.
    Happy New Year!!!

  5. Happy New Year, Delaine! Have a wonderful time with your grandchildren. Gunfire? I remember my mom showing me a hole in her ceiling about 10 years ago. Someone had shot off a gun and the bullet had come back down. Some people are such idiots!

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