There was a wedding

In amongst the holiday frivolity and the exuberance of the grandchildren, Terry and I attended a wedding. A church wedding!

You may remember my previous lament that no one seemed to get married in a church any more. This couple married at the same church where Terry and I exchanged vows almost 40 years ago. Except, we had our ceremony for 25 people in the chapel; this couple said their vows in front of a couple of hundred in the main sanctuary.


We have known the bride since before her parents were even a couple! We remember their wedding 34 years ago. The bride teaches theater at the high school our daughter attended and where I did my student teaching long, long ago. She was but a small child when we did those things. How funny the way life turns out.

The wedding took place at 5 pm with a big reception in a downtown skyscraper afterwards which we did not attend. Our kids had arrived at our house and we were going to celebrate our son-in-law’s 36th birthday.



3 responses to “There was a wedding

  1. I hope with four granddaughters at least one of them has a church wedding.

  2. Happy birthday to your son in law.
    Nice to see that photo of the wedding.

  3. Weddings and birthdays are such joyous occasions. I love weddings. Sigh…

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