A useful gift

My son-in-law made this great box for my Christmas gift. The sides are made of wood from a tree with 105 rings. I laugh and tell people that I finally have something in the house that’s older than me.


I’m using the box for all of my vitamins and supplements which may just help me live to 105.


8 responses to “A useful gift

  1. Very nice. Wonder what kind of tree it was.

  2. It’s a lovely gift, I love trays.

  3. Very nice box for your vitamins and stuff. Do you really want to live to be that old? I’m not sure I do. 🙂

  4. Beautiful box. I love a man, or woman for that matter, who can do woodworking.

  5. Very nice gift. I like creative people.

  6. I’m very impressed. He is very precise in his cuts and has created a wonderful and useful work of art for you. The dovetailing is beautifully done.

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