Woke up to my picture on the front page of the newspaper

We no longer get an actual PAPER newspaper but rather read our daily news online. So, when I opened up my browser this morning and clicked on the Active Paper Software, I was a bit startled to see my face pop up.

Yes, I knew the story about my lunch photos was going to be published, but I thought it might be a few days down the road. The photographer, when he was at the school, had made the comment that he would be very disappointed if they didn’t print the story in color, but I figured it would be on an inside section, not the front page. Must be a slow news day.

Soon afterwards my phone started pinging with texts and email. Others had seen the paper. A friend took this photo and posted it to Facebook.


She will bring the paper to lunch on Tuesday (Ladies Who Lunch) so that I can share it with my students, none of whom knew what a newspaper was when I told them the photographer would be coming.

The funny thing about that photo on the front page of the paper:  when I was teaching at that inner city high school, and bad things would be reported in the paper, I was always saying to students and staff, “don’t do anything that will get my picture on the front page of the paper.”


9 responses to “Woke up to my picture on the front page of the newspaper

  1. Very nice. It’s funny that none of your students knew what a newspaper was. You’ll be able to teach them yet another thing.

  2. That’s a funny comment about having your picture in the paper. And it was a wonderful article, I really enjoyed it! Having your fifteen minutes of fame, huh? 🙂

  3. congrats on making the front page, what a thrill!

  4. How nice! Next thing you know, Michelle Obama will be calling, inviting you to join in on promoting her healthy eating in schools program.

  5. Oh wow! That is so very cool, Delaine. I love it! You’re famous!

  6. How wonderful. Congrats.

  7. How does it feel to be famous?

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