Being inconvenienced

Ronni Bennett, who writes the blog Time Goes By, had an interesting post this last week about being annoyed with inconvenient “surprises,” her latest being a tooth extraction. Her take on this was that as we age, it gets harder to deal with these inconveniences. Many of her readers who posted comments thought likewise.

I wonder why that is. What makes it harder, as we get older, to deal with surprises to our routine? Do old people just get set in their ways? Or, is there something in our DNA that changes from being a person who can juggle numerous situations at once to someone who finds it hard to juggle just two events in one day?

Although I stay busy for a retired person, I have large gaps in my calendar, giving myself whole days with nothing scheduled. Those are the days that I prefer to have those “surprise” inconveniences! Also, being retired, with lots of time, I prefer to have only one event in each day. Yet, when teaching, I would do a dozen things in one day and then run all sorts of errands after school.

My question is this: what makes us change?


6 responses to “Being inconvenienced

  1. I think of one word: resilience. When I was younger, I took so many things in stride that now throw me for a loop. I have lost my resilience, or at least a good portion of it. That, and the desire to keep my life under my own control and not being at the mercy of “surprises.” 🙂

    • It is interesting that you use the word “resilience.” That is what we are teaching the first graders as school chaplains. Wonder what we can do to increase our resilience? I am trying to be less of a “control-freak.”

  2. Well I have NEVER done well with changes, especially to my routine (I’m 34). One of my three year olds also does not deal well with unexpected changes; I have to prepare him for transition as much as possible. It’s very much his personality; of my other four, one much prefers no changes but rolls pretty well with them when she must, and the other three are totally “whatever.”

  3. I believe its personality as much as any age thing. Many sudden changes I do OK with, some others, not so well. It seems to depend upon how much I already have scheduled, and how much of a disruption it is. Ironically, the really big things, I just tend to roll with the flow.

    • I attribute it to my “control-freak” nature. I want to stay on top of everything and do everything well, but I no longer have the energy to make it all happen.

  4. I agree with Jan. I knoe my resilience isn’t what it used to be. I think I’m less flexible, too. I’ve never liked change, an I like it less now. Thank goodness my husband is a go-with-the-flow kind of guy.

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