Guess I didn’t want to get up this morning

Because I love to take a very hot shower before crawling into bed at night, I only shower in the morning on the days I wash my hair. Monday morning was such a day. I don’t know if it’s because this is a holiday–Martin Luther King Jr. Day–or  because it’s cold and dark in the mornings, but Terry and I slept late on this particular day. It was after 7 when I finally got out of bed and into the shower.

Usually, after washing my hair on a winter morning, I dress in my knit warmups. Long sleeves, warm fabric. I also put on socks for extra warmth. This is my around-home outfit until I’m ready to dress for the day away from home, should it be one of those days. Today, for some reason, I put my pajamas back on when I got out of the shower.

I sat on the bed, reading my texts, emails, and Facebook, towel on my head, for about 15 minutes. When I finally got up to blow dry my hair, I realized that I had my pajamas on. Yep, it took all that time to realize I had made a mistake and had been sitting there, in my pajamas. I must have been on auto-pilot and thought I was going TO bed rather than starting my day. When I related this to Terry, he said I subconsciously wanted to go back to bed. The pajamas are quite warm and cozy, so maybe I just wanted to stay in them a little longer.



11 responses to “Guess I didn’t want to get up this morning

  1. That’s so funny. I don’t own pajamas or nightgowns. I sleep in a muumuu and often just continue wearing it after I get out of bed and on to the rest of the day.

    • Probably tmi, but I don’t sleep in underwear, so I really do need to get dressed in the mornings. In the summer, unless we have overnight company, I don’t wear anything. It’s too hot here.

  2. The road to senility is littered with pajama tops!

  3. I think fuzzy jimmies are one of life’s best kept secrets. When I’m not feeling well, they are my uniform of the day. Made me laugh to think of you not even knowing you were wearing them, though. 🙂

  4. you sleep in till 7am? That is quite early for most!

  5. I feel warm and cozy just thinking about getting back into pajamas. Ummm… speaking of auto pilot, I put cereal in my coffee mug the other morning.

  6. Brr! It’s hard to get up in the a.m.when it’s dark and cold. We have been having to do this in Seattle this past week. I’m typing this now in the Seattle airport , waiting for our plane,heading home to Hawaii. In Hawaii we get up at dawn, ready to go. The a.m. is when we get most of our work done.

    • I am a morning person and prefer to be up early and get my work done by noon so I can goof off in the afternoon should I desire. Like right now: it’s 3:10 and I’m sitting on the couch, in my cozy home clothes, reading and writing on blogs.

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